Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Journalists VS bloggers or I don't want to speak about polka dot

Photos by Daria Rozina

You know, it is very pity that people read not so much now. Of course, picture in fashion is more important than word, but very often words mean a lot. Which is only Suzy Menkes and other important journalists. If they say something different from the crowd, it becomes very interesting for everyone. Opposite, bloggers make their photos everyday and the clothes are always changing. Is it really important for designer that blogger wears their stuff? Yeah, but the journalists from the main magazines and newspapers are still sitting in the first row (together with bloggers, of course). Even they look not like a fashion icon (it’s again about Suzy). But their word means a lot, because their articles read not only people inside the industry, but also the people all around the country or the whole world. And some of them, who haven’t ever seen Saint Laurent collection even on photos, will think the same things like the author of the article, which they've just read in a newspaper. But what about the bloggers? Most of their readers are interested in fashion above average. They are stylish or try to be those. They understand all the provocative combinations, which bloggers love to show and they like them. You need to be brave for it, because if you look great, wearing one of the amazing stylish mixes, there’ll be a lot of strange looks at you. People, especially from the countries, which are not into fashion, think that everyone should wear some boring clothes. The crowd always wants you to be like all them, it doesn't like those, who looks different and independent. And no one will say you, that your outfit is wonderful, if it’s truth. Unless you are in Paris. Paris is another. It gives you a freedom, which you wouldn't feel anywhere else. What could be better than hearing lovely words about your clothes, shoes or the whole outfit in the city of fashion, where everyone looks extremely great? It’s a magic. Truly magic, which you could feel only there. This city is kind to the beauty, and everyone should be thankful for it. You have to look stylish in Paris. You haven’t got another way. So, as you understand, I couldn't wait to be back in Paris. Wait for me too, dear city <3

While I was talking about the journalists and bloggers and then Paris, I absolutely forgot about my look. But, honestly, I don’t know, what I should say about it. There is no need to repeat, that my polka dot obsession is still with me. I couldn't stop and I don’t want to do it. I feel extremely comfortable wearing my favorite print. Do you remember this made-to-measure coat from Sur Mesure atelier? I love it so much not only for the print, but for its warm material too. It’s such a different feeling, when you wear something, that no one has similar. That could give you only the atelier or vintage store.

So, dear friends, I wish you to be brave to wear bold combinations and always be self confident! Love-love-love to you <3



  1. Вероника, Ваш образ хочется разглядывать и разглядывать! Я сколько себя помню, столько и шью себе наряды сама. Конечно всегда выделялась из толпы, но в какой-то момент эта серая масса подмяла меня. И начала превращаться в "зомби"! Но в один момент, несколько лет назад, я открыла для себя fashion блоги. И сидя в угрюмом офисе, каждый день читала и смотрела. Девочки-блогеры помогли мне очнуться, и вырваться из клетки! Надеюсь и я кому-нибудь помогу!)

    1. Спасибо! :) Вы молодец, надо всегда иметь свое мнение и взгляд на вещи, нельзя позволять толпе на себя влиять! С Вас обязательно будут брать пример друзья и коллеги! :)))

  2. Thanks very much for your words. I think love to read. I really enjoy the writing on blogs. Your polka coat is beautiful. I'm so jealous of you being in Paris.


    1. Thanks for reading :) I can't wait to be back in Paris!