Sunday, 15 June 2014

InstaApril & InstaMay

It’s quite strange to publish monthly Instagram on 15th of June, but, as you know, I was busy with blog rebranding and I’m still have some things, which I have to do. So, I think, it’s not so bad, if not better, because I could remember together with you, what were happened during the last two months. It’s like nostalgia, isn’t it? April and May were full of events – there were a lot of different press days and I was happy to attend each of them. Additionally the weather was as always very unpredictable, from +10 to +35. Now it doesn’t change. Last week it was very hot dry weather, which I really loved, because it allowed me to wear summer clothes I adore. But now… Yeah, I’m bit ill and spend my weekend at home, but outdoors there is a disaster! Today I woke up because of the storm, it was very strong! Hope the summer will come back as soon as possible :) Wish you sunny days and warm weather! Stay updated for the new outfit post ;)

Instagram: veronica_agapova

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