Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Interview with Ulrich Schulte, RIANI

Here is the interview with Ulrich Schulte – Head of Design of RIANI – I was happy to take in Berlin during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. I'm totally in love with a lot of pieces from RIANI new collection and I'm sure, you''ll love it too. Keep reading!

What is your new collection about? What it'll be?
The colors what we are going to show today are cold sky and sand, and as as to the colors we are presenting the beach colors, the colors of the sky and at the same time also everything that is in it win, like he footy pastels which you have at the cocktails on the beach... This is colorwise, that what it is about.

What is the main theme of the collection?
As I said, the colors are the main theme, but we hold it stylewise, it is a mix f German pluralism and British bohemian style. On the one hand we have quite straight silhouettes and simple dresses with just one dominant detail, everything in these light colors, and on the other hand we have really exciting mix of prints, of perforated leather, of teasers on the leather and transparency and these are the two poles we are moving between.

For which woman your collection is: for German or is it for a global woman?
No, it's more for a global woman. For example we also sell 20% of our merchandise even to Russia, so it's made for a Russian woman too! There are a lot of differences between people: as for a Germany you see a lot of pants, in Russia women love to wear skirts, so we have a good choice of skirts in our collection this time.

But between the colors there is a big difference...
I'm not sure that the colors are differ so much. I think in Russia there are a little bit more feminine.

Maybe, but, for example, in France, especially in Paris, women love to wear black so much, Russians too, but we try to wear bright colors more sometimes, of course, during the summer.
Colors are always quite important for RIANI. We never have just monochrome collection. We always try to have positive colors in our collection that suit well with skin colors of people and that is always really important for us when we create the collection.

What about the age of the woman who wears your clothes?
I think nowadays we are never talking about age. It's more the style. We create fashion for women which standing in life in our outfits in underground, so it's quite realistic. We try to imagine when we create something when women will wear this, for which occasion she will wear it. That's always the most important thing. If you cannot imagine woman coming to a door in your clothes and you think “ok, she is well-dressed” that is not a good idea, so you should skip it.

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  1. Dear Veroniсa, thank you so much for taking the time to interview Mr. Schulte. It is always a pleasure to work with somebody as well-motivated as you are. Regards, GLAM ♥ With love, Natasha ♥